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School Rumble Anime Music Video
This is a collection of School Rumble AMV collected over the internet. Visit the author's site if available. Direct linking is not a nice thing to do but since it's difficult to browse japanese website i used direct link only in this cases or when i have author's approval.
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Happy Birthday Eri-chan!
Amv to celebrate Eri-chan's Birthday
Kiss Sawachika
[By PaulMandingo]
Lamů Rumble
[By PaulMandingo]
School Rumble and the italian opening of Urusei Yatsura! (he he he)
School Rumble Ouverture
[By PaulMandingo]
LOTR Trailer for 2nd Semester
[By Killer Penguins Production]
An epic trailer for School Rumble second Term.
[By anonymous]
Harima ! Save Eri-chan !
[By Killer Penguins Production]
Imadori D, Drop the Boobs
[By Killer Penguins Production]
Rumble Fighto
[By anonymous]
I think i love you
[By Ryoko11]
Time after time
[By Ryoko11]
Tribute to Harima
[By Killer Penguins Production]
Love Rumble
[By Myka]
My Pace
[By anonymous]
Playmate of the Year
[By anonymous]
[By anonymous]
The Random Teens: A Tribute To School Rumble
[By Cheese For Thought Productions]
I'd do Anything
[By Project Myu]
High School (Love) Stories
[By RiyuLine]
I wanna be loved by you, Harima!
[By Marianne]
f I Had a boyfriend, he'd be just like Harima from school rumble.
Kibasen Rumble Saga
[By Artic Tribe]
I believe i can fly
[By skBenji]
Matrix Rumble
[By Paul Mandingo]
School War
[By Klibbnisse]
Smiling Harima - Ed Ad Parody
[By jubjub2]
Only Tenma
[By jus420]
Windchime, Tenma & Yakumo
[By project Myu]
School Rumble Opening (Cowboy Bebop Style)
[By anonymous]
Such a Fool
[By AMVdeFans.com]
Shooting Star
[By anonymous]
Your my Ecstasy, Tenma-chan
[By Kyko-chan]
Thick, Dumb & Freaky: A Crazy Love Triangle
[By cadagk]
It's you and me
[By bloodychaos]
I won't let go
[By shinobi34]
Going Harima Way
[By anonymous]
[By anonymous]

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All the characters of School Rumble were created and drawn by Kobayashi Jin.
Except for Eri-sama, she is real and she is gonna be the Queen of Earth very soon.

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